Guru is a tool which assists in Self improvement.

Guru was developed at the University of Manchester as part of Ivan Moore's PhD research into automatic refactoring of object-oriented programs.

Given a collection of Self objects, Guru produces an equivalent set of objects in which there is no duplication of methods or certain types of expressions. To achieve this, Guru creates a replacement inheritance hierarchy and methods for factoring out expressions.

The central motivation is that as systems evolve the design can deteriorate. Automatically refactoring a system can help a programmer restructure the system to reverse any deterioration. Other motivation is to enable a programmer to discover a better design for a system at any time, whether during initial stages or during maintenance (reverse engineering style), it's all the same really. Guru has been developed in and for the object-centric language Self.

Something similar to Guru is being worked on for Java code, called Condenser.

Self runs on Sun SPARC, Mac and Linux.

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Guru is available only under the terms of it's license agreement.

Three papers and a PhD thesis have been written about Guru:

An example inheritance hierarchy before using Guru

The inheritance hierarchy restructured by Guru